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About Us

Sigma Dimensions (TM) was founded by two individuals passionate about Science and Technology: Yassine Oualid and Mohammed Baddaz.

As a team of multi-disciplinary engineers, we help you design & build with the bigger picture in mind, whilst taking meticulous care of the details. That is how we ensure you get the job done on time, on budget.

We love open source and open standards, as this allows us to share, progress and innovate collectively - without having to waste human resources wheel each time. For that reason, we provide tools for 4D an 5D within: IfcOpenShell -BlenderBIM -IFC.js -

Co-founder - Business
  • BEng. Gebäudeenergie und InformationstechnikBachelor

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Co-founder - Engineering
Yassine Oualid
  • Beng. Civil Engineering
  • Msc. Structural Engineering
  • Self-taught Programmer

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