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Our Services

Sigma Dimensions offers specialist digital engineering services for the Construction Industry since 2017.

  • Consulting
  • BIM Services
  • Construction Animations
  • Software Development


We help our clients implement Building Information Management processes according to ISO 19650. Including CDE Management, BIM Kick-off, BIM coordination meetings. Get in touch to see how we can help your organisation or projects.

BIM Services

3D Modeling of all trades, Design & Coordination Management and (including managing the Common data Enviroement, and coordination meetings)

Constrution Scheduling and Costing

Construction is about Prediction. Once the 3D Modeling, we help you complete and manage the 4th and 5th Dimensions : Planning & Costing.

Construction Simulations

When all construction information is properly integrated, we can perform simulations and adjust our architectural and structural choices, in order to reach an optimal solution - Make predictions and master our project from all dimensions.

BIM Training

We provide a range of on-line and in-house training modules. Theoretical modules focus on BIM processes and standards according to ISO 19650, whilst Practical trainings are geared towards using popular BIM software such as BlenderBIM, Revit, Archicad and Tekla.

Open BIM Programming

Train your staff to create your BIM applications using python and javascript! Digital empowerement starts with understanding how to liberate your data. Learn geometric and non geometric data manipulation using popular libraries such as python ifcopenshell, three_js and ifc_js. Our international Instructors are members of ifcopenshell.